Company History

Overview of 90 years of Modellbau Dörfelt

  • Company founded in 1924

    Foundation of the company “Dörfelt & Hentschel Modellfabrikation” in 1924
    by Mr. Paul Gerhard Dörfelt together with partner Hentschel,
    without their own land.

    Gerhard Dörfelt - Gründer - Geschäftsführer von 1924 bis 1946

    CEO and founder Paul Gerhard Dörfelt 1924-1946

  • 1929 world economic crisis

    The first years of Modellbau Dörfelt were very successful, until the Great Depression of 1929.
    The original partners separated in 1931 and Paul Gerhard Dörfelt became the sole Managing Director.

  • Training of Herbert Dörfelt

    1923 – 1936 training of Herbert Dörfelt as model maker.
    Then from 1936 to 1945 he was in the army.

  • 1938 Construction of the new workshop

    The construction of the new workshop commenced in 1938 on their privately owned land in the Wildenfelser Straße in Zwickau, with 100sqm production area on the ground floor and a storage space for wood on the top floor.

    Werkstattneubau 1938

    New building of the workshop 1938

  • 1946 Business takeover by Herbert Dörfelt

    After the death of the founder Gerhard Dörfelt, Herbert Dörfelt took over the business.

    Obermeister der Modellbauerinnung Herbert Dörfelt Geschäftsführer von 1946 - 1982

    Upper master of Model Makers Guild, Herbert Dörfelt, CEO of 1946 – 1982

  • 1961 Training of Bernd Dörfelt

    Bernd Dörfelt began in the family business in 1961 – 1964 as an apprentice model maker and subsequently undertook evening courses from 1964 – 1969 at the School of Engineering Zwickau. He graduated as an engineer technologist for mechanical engineering. He then worked from 1974 – 1982 as a technologist and equipment design engineer at the “Eisenwerk Zwickau”. Bernd Dörfelt continued to study by correspondence from 1976 – 1982 at the Bergakademie Freiberg and completed a diploma in foundry technology.

  • Wood model making

    Biggest crafted wooden models.


    Größtes Holzmodell



    All models for the cast parts of the ship’s steam engine were produced during operation.

    Modelle für Schiffsdampfmaschine 1982

  • 1982 Business takeover by Bernd Dörfelt

    After the sudden death of Herbert Dörfelt (aged 63), Bernd Dörfelt took over the business, with five employees working for the company.

    Bernd Dörfelt, Geschäftsführer 1982 bis 2012

    Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Dörfelt, CEO 1982 – 2012

  • 1986 Enlargement of the production area

    In the eighties, wooden models continued to be produced until the production rooms were too small. The production area was then extended to 60m² in 1986.

    Werkstatt 1986

    Workshop 1986

  • 21.02.1991 Foundation of Modellbau Dörfelt GmbH

    Modellbau Dörfelt made the transition to a business within reunified Germany successfully, but it was not easy. With the help of business partners Modellbau Dörfelt succeeded in entering the Styrofoam model making and manufacturing by CAD / CATIA.

  • 1991 Styrofoam model making

    Began to specialize in Styrofoam model making

    Anfänge im Exporit-Modellbau

  • 1993 Start of Kay-Uwe Dörfelt

    Kay-Uwe Dörfelt began work with the company as a trained
    model maker with 4-years work experience in former West Germany.

  • 1994/95 Enlargement of production space

    Construction of a new workshop and office building

  • 2011 Expanded machine equipment

    Acquisition of a new exhaust system, a new CNC milling machine and remodeling of the assembly hall.

    CNC-Fräse und Montagehalle

    CNC milling machine and assembly hall

  • 2012 Business takeover by Kay-Uwe Dörfelt

    Business takeover by model master builder Kay-Uwe Dörfelt,
    after a long illness and the death of Bernd Dörfelt

    CEO Kay-Uwe Dörfelt

    Master of Modelmaking Kay-Uwe Dörfelt

  • Today

    The company today

    Dörfelt Modellbu GmbH heute

    Dörfelt Modellbu GmbH Seitenansicht